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This page's contents go back to April 28, 1999. As you can tell there seem to be big gaps between additions. I put something new in at least every other day although many items are simply news stories. Look at Not Eudora to see my latest columns ( I write one at least every other week) 

Harry's Nap a half illustrated story. added 12-9-2005

A member of Glen Avon Presbyterian's Men's group asked me to tell my life's story back in April of 2005.
added 11-9-2005

Elkhorn Club added 11-19-2004

Church Murals added 9-10, 2004

Opinion Index an issue by issue index of what have I written on specific issues. 1-15-2004

Code Red I wrote this short analysis of health insurance costs for the Duluth Chamber of Commerce in March 2000,  posted 1-14-2004

Ten Thumbs Snowsculpting How Harry makes his snow sculptures - 1-3-2004

Recent Email I'll start posting some of the email I receive and my replies

A Nerd reviews his life added 2-11-2003

WhadayaLookingAt? Which pages have gotten the most hits in the last month? added 12-17-02

Education Finance Reform I wrote a college paper in 1971 about what was to become known as the "Minnesota Miracle." Its early evidence of my interest in an arcane subject matter. I found it recently and reproduced it along with some comments. Added 8-10-2002

An aid to photojournalists  in GivemhellHarry.org - Added 7-21-2002

My Favorites and other Contents Added 6-6-2002 - Some good examples of stuff on this website and ways to explore it.

Monday, 5-6-2002  Reunion This is the first time I've ever put a particular diary entry in "What's New" but I rather like this one. Its not great writing but I've got it linked to a large number of related pages that together give some sense of the Kansas, milieu I grew up in.

George Robb Exhibit at the Kansas State Historical Museum

An embarrassingly nice profile of Harry by Jeff Potts, writing for the ridiculously positive Twin Ports People in 1994, before Harry was elected to public office. 

Sculpting Bill Clinton this isn't really new. I wrote it in 2000 when I was challenging for the State Senate but I've just added it to Diogenes

Homework and Reference Page

"Here were hanged" latest Reader column uploaded 3-19-2002

On Holding Your Nose - latest Reader column uploaded 3-9-2002

Another V Monologue - latest Reader column uploaded 3-9-2002

Click here My new column in the Reader Weekly 2-23-2002

The Naming of Ladysmith2-15-2002

The King is Naked - a rejected column for a local tabloid 2-11-2002

Antecedents, stories of my.... 1-28-2002 

Check out the latest cartoons I've pasted in without requesting permission from the creators. 1-11-2002

My 2001-02 sculptures

TwinPortsColumn In 1400 words I describe the tough situation that the Duluth Schools are in and kick Brad Bennett's butt while I'm at it.

An argumentative email I got on gun control and my reply 12-3-2001

Politician's Diary starting as of 11-28-2001

MyReadingList 8-16- 2001- Every book I've read from cover to cover for the past twenty years (Its not that long a list)

Harry Welty's astounding opinions on Education in Duluth created 9-18-2001 Sorry but I

The shortest, toughest argument I can make against those who would oppose this levy. Emailed to the Duluth News Tribune 9-16-2001

Excess Levy I'll be pushing for an excess levy in Duluth this year and here's why.

OnTheOtherHand... Maybe my previous elective failures are behind me

I'm just wild about Mary I am now the Chairman of the Mary Cameron Volunteer Committee - updated 8-17-2001

Table of Contents  just what it says - updated 8-17-2001

Why I stopped writing my School Board Diary 8-1-2001

The Battle of Henry Johnson Another hero of the 369th Infantry did not receive the honors bestowed upon my grandfather, but then he was black......  7-21-2001

I bash FIGHT for bashing the School Board 7-17-2001

Web Awards to Snowbizz.com 6-20-2001

Monkeyworms written 6-11-2001, revised 7-19-2001

George Robb Anyone trying to figure out Harry Robb Welty should read about his Grandfather - updated 6-8-2001

Snowbizz web visit statistics   added 8-8-2001

Harry's Reading List. If you are what you read you can find out which books Harry has read over the years and learn who he is. He's kept track of most of them. There aren't that many of them. updated 6-6-2001

Mr. Ross's Class When I was a white minority member of my sixth grade class. 5-20-2001

My Zenith Plan for the restructuring of the Duluth Schools 5-19-2001

Crisis  January to December 2001 - Relating to school closings in Duluth 

Table of Contents - I've just added this page and its a bit of a mess. The software automatically outlines the contents and it shows that my site has grown like crabgrass. I've rediscovered misnamed pages, experimental pages, and useless pages that I'd forgotten about. I obviously need to go back and clean this site up. updated 4-28-2000

Agnostic's Prayer - written 7-5-2000

Melander Files -  The grapevine suggests that Jim Melander is challenging Frank Wanner for the Presidency of the DFT. Would it be better to stick with the devil we already know? updated 4-12-00 

Diogenes - Miscellaneous Essays - updated 4-7-2000

"Harry! Why aren't you a Democrat?" This page, which is actually called "Harry Welty is a Republican!" is still in formation - updated 4-6-2000

To Whom it May Concern A few weeks before I was sworn in as a school board member in 1995, Frank Wanner told several hundred teachers at a meeting that: "Harry Welty will be no friend of teachers." Read the letter I wrote that fell into Frank's possession and led him to this stunning conclusion.  updated 4-3-2000

Read a Chapter from my book Visit to the Attic updated 3-29-2000

200 Boos Read the speech I gave that got 200 boos updated 3-29-2000

Harry Welty is a Republican? created 3-27-2000

The Year 2000 Snowsculptures Three of this year's six snow sculptures are pictured. Go the the very bottom of the snow sculpture page - updated 3-20-2000

 CaucusMcCain2000  My latest crusade. I'll be listing information on how to caucus for John McCain ASAP. updated 2-20-2000


http://www.edweek.org/ew/ewstory.cfm?slug=23parc3.h19 This is an informative article I just read at the Education News site which you can find on my Education News Page. From an annual report called "Reality Check 2000" it talks about the state of educational standards. 

A cartoon I sent Frank Wanner Over a year ago I let Frank know what I thought the contract he wanted would do to our (and his) junior teachers. Now that we face 4.6 million in cuts next year my prediction is closer than ever to coming to pass - updated 1-31.

Harry Welty's Dropout Study In 1991 while I was running for the School Board for the 2nd time I discovered that, contrary to the Administration's claims, Duluth had a 22% or 30% dropout rate. What I had uncovered was massive fraud in reporting student enrollment. Although my report did not make this claim I took it to the press where it got a big yawn. I have appended it to the first Chapter of Who Won - updated 1-17-2000

The latest DFT Column "Dissen the Board" November 30, 1999

"We have lost some trust...It will be very difficult in the future to envision a cooperative relationship with the school district...One of our retirees put it very well to me today when he said: 'I guess once again it just proves that the district thinks about money alot more than the people who work for them...' " Read the entire column

Dear School Board Diary I've decided to keep an irregular diary of my life this year as a Duluth School Board member updated 1-6-00

The infamous Mary Mary Mars Letter Read it and judge for yourself whether it is inaccurate. The names of the 50 people who signed the letter are not included for their protection. The DFT President has already hinted at organizing boycotts of their businesses. updated 12-30-99

Resignation Demand The silly attempt to discredit the "bad school board members" just before the election. updated 12-21-99

Money Money Money How the DFT attempted to by the election updated 12-16-99

Who Won and Why updated 11-20-99

DFT Newsletter11-27-99 To arms. To arms. The Redcoats are coming. Teachers are under attack. updated 12-29-99

DFT Newsletter 11-22-99 We could punish businesses we disagree with by conducting an illegal secondary boycott but lets try to reason with them first. updated 12-29-99

DFT Newsletter 11-12-99 Frank brags about taking the "high road." Oh yeah? Updated 12-28-99

DFT Newsletter 8-99 with my reply Frank's comments on the state of negotiations. updated 12-28-99

What's Right about the Duluth Schools and what did Harry Welty have to do with it? (Sorry I haven't given this a final editing so its a little rough. I'll polish it up soon)

Letters to the Editor related to the 99 Campaign

1999 Candidate Questionnaires by Special Interests. What are the teacher union and Chamber of Commerce asking the candidates. How do the candidates (Harry at least) respond? updated 8-4-99

Education News, What has the Duluth Press been writing about public education and what to make of it - updated 8-2-99

Funky Winkerbean bashes School Boards Parts 1 & 2 and ? of a series with my "Reality Check" - updated 8-1-99

Feedback Anything you want to get off your chest. Aim a snowball maybe? Well here's the place to do it. updated 6-23

Frank Words, a compilation of quotes from the DFT newsletter accentuating the positive updated 6-18

Genealogy a new link to the Mormon family history search web site on the Info Page updated 6-15

New snow sculpture website link remarkable colored snow sculptures from Norway updated 6-15

Snowbizz Search Page I don't know if it works well but try it out. You will only find things related to the snowbizz site here - updated 6-14

Some thoughts on a teacher's union bashing column updated 6-12

Frank Wanner's latest Edison bashing updated 5-29

If I were an Edison parent updated 5-26

12 years of snow sculpture pictures updated 5-14

Gorilla Slippers (now with sounds) updated 5-6

How Frank Wanner riled up the teachers during the contract negotiations. updated 5-2

Who do the Voodoo? I do! updated 5-2

School board members Brawl in Press updated 4-28 with Big Harry Deal - CrossDressing Harry and Reply to Gregg Lillejord

Mom's Art updated 4-25