I'm just wild about Mary
One vote will make all the difference!

Mary Cameron was elected with me in 1995. Much to my chagrin she was not reelected in the 1999 election. I intend to remedy that mistake this year by being her chairman and campaign manager.

S-U-C-C-E-S-S That's the way we spell success! "Mary Cameron Welcomed Back"  11-7-2001

A short impression (mine) of Mary written in 1999 

The letter I have just sent out requesting contributions for Mary's campaign.

            Contributions may be sent to the: 
                                Cameron Volunteer Committee
                             PO Box 3613
                                Duluth, MN 55803-3613


            Harry Welty (of course)
            Chamber of Commerce PAC
            Duluth Budgeteer
            Duluth News Tribune

Already there are signs that some people are sharpening their knives against Mary.

Mary's record while serving on the Duluth School Board from 1995-1999. This is the text from my campaign flyer of 1999. It briefly summarizes the Board's achievements during this period.

The Excess Levy - I'm pleased to report that Mary and I both agree that an excess levy for the Duluth Schools would be very helpful. I can also report that Mary has misgivings about the uncertainty about where this additional revenue would be spent. She is not alone. The current Board will have a hard time garnering support from the public without more specificity on this point.

Visit Mary's campaign Website (which happens to have me as the webmaster) at: www.marycameron.org

The Picture, April 5, 1968

Note: Mary has been endorsed by Duluth First, the Political Action Committee of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce.