August13, 2001


Dear Friends,

As a friend of Mary Cameron I’m sure you too were anguished by the unfounded attacks leveled at her two years ago when she ran for reelection to the Duluth School Board. There were no complaints about her service because there was nothing to criticize. There were, however, overblown and mean spirited criticisms of her yearlong studies in Syracuse, New York, financed by the award of a Bush fellowship. Ironically, her studies were intended to enhance her knowledge and skills in public service.

I want Mary back on the School Board. She has always been a delight to serve with. Her compassion, integrity and common sense are sorely needed. I haven’t always agreed with Mary but I have always valued her opinion. She has been our most articulate spokesman for Duluth’s minority residents. The need for her voice will surely grow since minorities are the only segment of Duluth’s population that continues to increase.

I promised Mary, after her defeat in 1999, that I would spare no effort to return her to the Duluth School Board. I am relieved and delighted that she has not wavered in her commitment to serve the Board on behalf of Duluth’s children.

I have already heard questions put to Mary at screening committees which suggest that knives are being sharpened against her. Despite the fact that some of her former supporters urged her to be open minded about charter schools to help minority children they have turned on her for supporting the Edison Schools experiment. These critics, who no longer have her studies in Syracuse to use against her, conveniently forget that until recently minority needs have not always been well met in our public schools. Then again, the needs of our children were not the primary concern of these critics two years ago either.

Help me right a wrong. We need Mary back on the Duluth School Board! Take a quick look at the campaign bookmark from two years ago to refresh your memory about Mary’s previous accomplishments on the School Board. And PLEASE! Send a generous contribution to the “Cameron Volunteer Committee” today.


Harry Welty


Cameron Volunteer Committee