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This is Harry Welty

What's on Harry's mind at the moment?   The Red plan of course! 
Check out www.lincolndemocrat.com for the latest or go to www.letduluthvote.com 

Thrills not Chills  Published Oct. 24, 2008  "For better than two years I have been thrilled to watch the unfolding campaign of Barack Obama for the Presidency. For half that time Iíve been chilled by the theft of my vote and the imposition of the monstrous Red Plan on the Duluth Schools. It may take the election of Ryan Stauber, a Republican, to undo the damage that will be inflicted on our schools because of our arrogant School Board . . ."

The Red Plan Chronicles a developing history.  Also Located on the 
Let Duluth Vote website.

And check out my recent snow sculptures


(with the blindfold off)


Harry has his own bi-monthly column Not Eudora in Duluth's Reader Weekly:  

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Having opinions is a marvelous way to alienate voters. 

Harry Welty is a Republican?

The unexamined life must be worth living because so many people are living it.

Harry Welty is not a Republican. What took him so long?

Mom's Art  She was the artist. Her son was just a snow sculptor
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Harry didn't turn into an ornery fellow until he was seated on the Duluth School Board. Still, there may have been some early hints that he could be a stubborn guy. Check out his never completed collaboration with his Mother in Harry's Nap.

Harry's been known to practice voodoo at school board meetings.

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Duluth Public Schools
This links you to information about the Duluth School District as seen through the eyes of a rascally (and retired) school board member.

Duluth Public Schools Endowment Fund
Harry is a new Trustee

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Devouring Literature


                                    Signs of Serious Self Absorption

                                 A Nerd's Life

                                 "A Politician's Diary" 

What all's in here?

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What's New?  this mostly shows in what order I've put various pages on this website since it began in 1999.

Table of Contents be forewarned. I have so many pages that looking for something in this vast list may prove fruitless.  

According to the Myers Briggs personality test Welty is a random sequential thinker. He flits from subject to subject. Maybe this explains why he's good at trivia games. 
When you see the men working symbol UNDERCONSTRUCTION.GIF (299 bytes) its a sure sign that Harry has gone on to some other project before finishing the page. 

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