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Education News

Most of the Education related stories have been clipped from local Duluth news Sources. They are arranged by year and month. Once you are on the page of an individual month you will see links with short titles that give some idea of the stories' contents. Each year has its own separate search engine.

1999 Education related stories

2000 Education related stories

2001 Education related stories

2002 Education related stories

2003 Education related stories

I've been busted! No more copywrite infringement for me. The News Tribune tells me to stop copying their stories history be damned.

Education News This link will take you to a marvelous daily review of education stories.


Duluth News Tribune


Duluth Budgeteer

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I have a quandary and this is it!

2001 Duluth News Tribune. All rights reserved. Any copying, redistribution or retransmission of any of the contents of this service without the express written consent of the Duluth News Tribune is expressly prohibited.

I have been putting the Trib's copywrited stories in my page since I began this website in 1999. After republishing their stories for several months I asked for permission to do this but I've never received an official reply. I later asked the editor about reposting Trib stories and was told, unequivocally, that I couldn't reproduce them. I'm still waiting to hear from a Knight Ridder lawyer before I remove these stories.

Night Ridder turned their "archives" over to an Internet cataloging Service which charges to make them available. Even if these stories have some commercial value I'm not interested in making money on them. My interest is history. While an ambitious person can go to the Duluth Public Library and look the stories up for free on microfilm its a real pain in the butt considering their historical interest. 

Furthermore, as a Duluth School Board member I am an ingredient to many of these stories. I cooperate fully with the press. Sometimes my willingness to cooperate has even caused friction on the School Board. I don't care. Knowledge is power. Truth is freedom.

So.....until such time as I'm issued a legal writ ordering me to cease and desist my archiving will continue.


I've been busted! No more copywrite infringement for me. No more new articles on the Duluth Schools history be damned.

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Is the News biased against public education? I don't think so. From April 1999 to August of 1999 I rated education related stories published by the Duluth Tribune and Budgeteer  This is my final tally.

Links to the Trib and Budgeteer websites can be found on my  "Information" Page.