This is an anonymous letter received yesterday in response to a letter for Marcia Stromgren.


Dear Marcia, 

I am writing this anonymously because I could lose my job. Use this information as you see fit. You may consider it "urban legend" if you want, but I feel you must have resources to investigate this further. Couldn't you find out from the lawyer grapevine in Duluth if my first accusation is true? I was told from a reliable source that her friend's daughter had gotten a job from Johnson Controls last summer or fall, not sure of exact time here, and was offered a job which this young lady thought was going to be secretarial in their accounting office. Instead, she was doing accounting which she felt she was not qualified to do. She even said, that at her interview, she had been very direct and truthful with them about the area they wanted her to work in and felt very uncomfortable about what she was doing and signing off on. She was told don't wont' about it. She came upon facts and figures that didn't add up or make sense and really did not want to-put her signature on. She had enough training to know what they were doing was illegal big time. The final straw was when she happened to enter a room one day and realize that she was witnessing another set of books. She went to her boss, and told her boss who within a week terminated her. This young woman was told, innuendo style, to keep her mouth shut. She was so scared she has gone to an attorney to make sure she will not become a scapegoat on things she did sign off or work on. The second thing I would like you to know is that I just attended a required meeting where Supt. Dixon informed us that even if the new school board members are against the Red Plan there is nothing they can do now. The Duluth School District would be caught up in lawsuits for the next hundred years or so, because the Board, Dixon, and various School District employees got the ball already rolling and no one can stop them now. It is too late. Remember, Dixon is a charismatic speaker who if you cross will fire you. Good luck and God Bless you. There are a lot of us out here but we would lose our jobs if we stepped forward. I hope an angel will guide you to the information you need. Don't give up. 

Thank you!