Early in the administration of my website I started pasting education related stories, mostly from the Duluth News Tribune into my site. I wanted a clearing house of information on the subject, an archive about Duluth specific educational history and I was also interested in monitoring an old teacher complaint that the press was hostile to them. I did send this letter. I didn't get a reply back so I continued. I did later see Mr. Holwerk and asked him and he said "no." I decided that wasn't official enough and waited to get an official letter. Four years later  the Trib asked me me to stop.


Mr. David Holwerk
Duluth News Tribune
424 W 1st St .
Duluth MN ,  55802

Dear Mr. Holwerk,

I am requesting permission from the Duluth News Tribune to republish some of your education related articles on my web page.  As a member of the Duluth School Board I devote a considerable portion of my web page to issues relating to education and my service on the Duluth School Board.  I have been republishing Tribune articles for several months now and am concerned about the copyright implications. I have no pecuniary interest in republishing these articles. I am making them available as a public service.  

Thus far I have reprinted about 75 articles.  I know that the Tribune has an extensive archive which it makes available to the public for a charge. This means that I could be depriving the Tribune of revenue as visitors access these articles from my web site rather than pay the Tribune for the same service.  This is not my intention.  I am strictly interested in the public record and a faithful recording of that record. Please note that I mention your archives in my page and have a link to the Trib web site.

My web page is located at www.snowbizz.com.  You will find your stories reprinted on the page entitled “Education News.”  I understand that you may not be able to give me permission to make these articles available without first checking with Knight Ridder.  I would request that you have someone look at my web site to be certain that it is as I’ve described it.  If you come to the conclusion that I am providing a public service and that this service poses no threat to the Trib I would appreciate your support if and when you pass my request on to the Knight Ridder offices.


Harry Welty

Duluth School Board, 2nd Dist.
2101 E 4th St .
Duluth , MN   55812