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Not Eudora Over the past four years I've written over a hundred columns on miscellaneous subjects under this heading

        2002 Not Eudora columns in the Northland Reader 
2003 columns in the Northland Reader Weekly
        2004  columns in the Reader Weekly
        2005 columns in the Reader Weekly
        2006 columns in the Reader Weekly

First of the Month Potluck What visitors to Snowbizz looked at on the first day of the month. A random way to sample some of pages on this site.

Harry's Nap

Sculpting Bill Clinton  I wrote this in 2000 when I was running for the State Senate 

The Naming of Ladysmith2-15-2002

George Robb When Harry Robb Welty was growing up his parents kept pointing to his Grandfather as a model to emulate- updated 6-8-2001

Monkeyworms written 6-11-2001, revised 7-19-2001 - a story about poetic justice

Monday, 5-6-2002  Reunion  Diary Entry, Spring of 2002 I visited my hometown Topeka, Kansas, for the first time since 1986, (for my Grandmother's memorial service). This is not great writing but the flood of memories I wrote about are extensively linked to other related pages which, taken together, give some sense of the Kansas I grew up in.

Who do the Voodoo? I do! updated 5-2, another heavily interlinked page about my most infamous public action. If you type my name into a search engine you're still likely to find this story somewhere else on the Web. I wrote this to protect my dubious reputation.

This is an email exchange between me and a student who was troubled about my 1998 feud with Teacher's Union President, Frank Wanner.

Mom's Art updated 4-25 My Mom always wanted me to become an artist. This probably explains my surprise career as a snow sculptor. These are some digitized examples of her work.

My 2001-02 sculptures a sub page linked to other images of my snow sculptures

Church Murals Someone decided I could paint church walls

Who is Phil? written about 1999

The Second Battle of Henry Johnson


Claymation Ads for the Welty State Senate Campaign in 2000

My life as I described it to the Men's group at Glen Avon Presbyterian Church

And finally, Keely Welty singing Lost in the Night This includes a music download so if you haven't got the time forget it.

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