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Apparently the folks at my church thought that because I could make snow sculptures I could paint. I can't. However, I can use an overhead projector, I can trace, and I can fill in a coloring book. The image for my first mural was given to me. It was a last supper. I painted it but left out one of the twelve apostles. I always said it was Judas. I wasn't asked to paint again for quite a while. 

Fortunately that first mural was removed when we remodeled. The more recent murals don't embarrass me quite so much.

1. Noah's Ark - In the church nursery - taken from a child's story book (this was painted, under my direction, by some of our Sunday school students)

2. A Desert Scene - In the "story room" - cobbled together from a dozen pictures of deserts at different times of the day with the sun shining on them from different angles.

3. Mural 1 in our Art room - three images combined from various sources

4. Mural 2 in our Art room - two images combined from various sources