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Not Eudora   By Harry Welty

About this column title. I’m not related to Eudora Welty, the short story writer, and she didn’t care a whit about politics so this is definitely not Eudora. 

Collective Bargaining Published Jan, 5, 2006   "Back in my college days I was strictly a liberal arts kind of guy. I managed to get by with only four business classes and one of those was a typing course. Before I graduated, however, I wanted to take my Dad’s business law class. . ."

Prologue to Harry’s Nap  Published Jan, 5, 2006  "When my kids were little and I was a stay-at home-Dad I told them a true story. After all their giggling I decided to write it down. . ."

CANNED  Published Feb 3, 2006   "There’s nothing like flying over the world’s biggest parking lot to help you focus on America ’s addiction to oil. . ."

The DECC is not the Aquarium or
Why I'm voting for the DECC expansion
Published Feb 16, 2006  " I can't say that my decision to vote for the DECC expansion was a no-brainer because I had to think about it. Before making my decision I had to overcome one prejudice and two doubts."

More Dangerous than Danish Cartoons  Published March 2, 2006  "After I returned from a brief trip up the North shore I found an envelope waiting for me in the mail."

I'm taking Lincoln with me  Published Mar 16, 2006   "Ididn't switch political parties after 35 years of being a Republican just because I think our Commander-and-Chief is the least competent president since Warren Harding or the most disastrous president since Andrew Johnson botched Reconstruction.  . ."

My Tighty Whities  Published April 1st, 2006   "Dueling fawtas were recently issued against members of an English singing group the “Little Boogers” by rival mosques in Bristol , England . "

Endowing Duluth   Published Apr 14, 2006   "When I was elected to the Duluth School Board a decade ago Minnesota ranked fifth in per-pupil spending among the states. Our current nation topping SAT scores are built on that level of spending. Today, Minnesota only ranks 23rd among the 50 states in per-pupil spending."

The Aborted Girl  Published Apr 27, 2006   "In 1990 I was ecstatic when the popular Republican, State Auditor, Arne Carlson replaced the opportunistic, “pro-life,” political hack who had defeated him in the gubernatorial primary with the help of naive religious conservatives. . ."

The Million Dollar Man  Published May 11, 2006   "Last November I had great fun writing about the dirty business which may have helped launch Jim Obertstar’s career as one of Washington DC 's preeminent pork chasers. My column casually mentioned, Don Boyd, a man who was endlessly described by the press during the scandal as the principal suspect behind the embezzlement of a million Federal dollars..."

Profile in Courage Published May 25,  2006  "The first history book I ever read was Profiles in Courage. I checked it out from the library in 9th grade. . ."

Unity08 Published June 8, 2006  "Can a purple America rise up out of the ashes of the Red and Blue States ? That’s the desire of a group of influential folks who hope to nominate a centrist politician for President in 2008."

Ford Bell is a philanthropist  Published June 22, 2006  "Ford Bell is a philanthropist. He must be. I heard it on public radio when he announced that he was going to challenge Amy Klobuchar in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate. . ."

Always tell the truth  Published June 22, 2006   "After a little over four years, 116 columns, and nearly one hundred thousand words this is my last column for the Reader Weekly.  I’m about to embark on another campaign for political office."


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