Funky Winkerbean bashes School Boards

Cartoon #1 in the series

Mr. Batiuk is the unofficial cartoonist of public schools. His cartoon is one I regularly read although it is a little tepid.  For one thing I read it because on occasion he takes on tough issues which other cartoonist shrink from.  For another I read it to see how he portrays schools and school boards in case his point of view is taken up by the larger public. When I was a teacher I used to watch MTV to know what my students were being bombarded with.  Same difference.

Once again Mr. Batiuk is on an anti-school board kick. Here's today's (7-30-99) cartoon.

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Lets have a Reality Check !

I can not swear that every school board in the United States has the same limitation as we do in Duluth but I would guess that most do.  This cartoon implies that Funky's School Board could pay their teachers more if only they weren't so stingy.  Duluth's School Board is currently paying its staff every cent it is legally permitted to.  The only way to pay our teachers more would be to lay off some staff and use the savings to pay the remaining teachers more.  I've walked a mile in teacher's shoes having been one. I wish Mr. Batiuk could walk a mile in mine as a School Board member.  Instead of treating us as the enemy of teachers he might gain some insights which could enrich his cartoons.

I am a fledgling cartoonist and I'll try walking in Mr. Batiuk's shoes.   This is my cartoon riposte.

Cartoon #2 in the series