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(Not to be confused with thoughtful analysis)

Let it be known to all. The author of this page believes that if he's going to dish it out he ought to be able to take it. Humility is after all a virtue and I'm the most humble person I know. Not that I share that opinion. Which opinion? Who knows. For crying out loud, this is Harry Welty writing this.

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The election of a new Chair of the School Board      Everybody's favorite piece of furniture

I drew this cartoon early in my tenure as School Board Chairman. I put it on top of some stationary to poke fun at myself. It is not really an attempt at self pity although on fractious school boards the chairmanship is a tough position to hold. The title "Chair" has always struck me as having comic possibilities. Our counterpart on the Duluth City Council is called the "President" of the Council. The self important part of me is very jealous about that.

Dignity or not I wanted the chairmanship because I didn't want our school board member's philosophical squabbles to be the tail wagging the dog that was the School District. As Chair I may have caused a good deal of wagging myself or I may have helped dampen the wagging in the long run. Only time will be a good judge of that.

My tenure was short. I resigned as Chair four months later in front of a crowd of 300 angry teachers. Paul Harvey even commented on my departure. Its a long story involving voodoo, and by gosh, I have a page devoted to dragging it out even more. But, if you go there keep in mind what Mark Twain said, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

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