Adios Amigo

Well before we settled the last contract I drew a number of cartoons and sent them to Frank Wanner. I also let the members of the school board see them so they would know about my communication with him. Laura Condon was particularly offended by them. 

The contract we eventually settled in the fall of 1998 would have repercussions for the future. It forced us to plan on $800,000 in cuts this year and 3.5 million in cuts next year. After this last contract we've added another $300,000 to this year's cuts and another million to next year's. I've repeatedly said that we can afford to pay our teachers more but only by cannibalizing existing programs. That's what this cartoon suggests. The empty pockets in the second panel say "demographics" and "state funding & limited tax base." The big robber is Frank Wanner the little robber represents our young teachers.

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