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3-11 I think less high schools and more k-6 close to home is a better idea than what has been proposed. Young children should be close to home. High school age kids can handle being shipped all over the city....


...I feel it took a lot more "guts" on your part to suggest an alternative. Slowing down the decision-making process in order to look at alternatives such as yours is at the crux of the issue. It is always easy to subscribe to group think....


3-13 While I don't like the idea of two high schools, once again I like your creative thinking! Best wishes at the upcoming meetings.


Honor your long range plan process and give us all time to work together. DO NOT VOTE YES ON ANY SCHOOL CLOSING OR BOUNDARY CHANGES ON MARCH 28, please. and my reply


3-12 This note is to offer support for the proposal to close schools and redraw district boundaries. Please know that not everyone in the Duluth school district stands in opposition to the plan... 

3-13 Let me see if I have my facts straight - Your a republican, your a current member of the Duluth School Board, and your challenging Doug Johnson for the SD 6 State Senate seat. ...

With those facts in mind, can you please answer me this question?

How to you plan to get elected , when you alienate both your base, and huge numbers of independents and democrats, by proposing to close Duluth East High School? and my reply


3-13 I agree with closing one of the high schools. I could help support this alternative solution, if you provide me with numbers.

3-13 Just another thought: what about making Ordean the second high school?

3-13 ...Why east end parents are so protective of the East High School building is interesting. It is an old building with dark hallways and classrooms, is overcrowded, and has limited parking and no expansion possibilities. Could it be that East is just an extension of "the club" with no diversity welcome?...


3-12 Dear Mr. Welty, I just read your idea in the newspaper on two high schools!  Yes, there's a man with a great idea! 

3-12 Governor Ventura gets no criticism from me for his "stark and stingy education budget"...

3-12 Finally, I find a school board member who will address the future. Thank you Harry for being proactive and forward looking. I personally believe going to two high schools is the best idea. I would like to point out that Wayzata decided a few years ago to keep only one high school...

3-12 I'm not happy with your response, and I suspect that you probably aren't either.  I know you want to be "fiscally responsible" but the planning committee needs to go back to the drawing board....

3-13 ...I understand your several attempts to explain the process you had envisioned which, had it not been accelerated so dramatically in response to decisions made in St. Paul, would very likely have been widely viewed as a thoughtful approach sensitive to public sentiment. Unfortunately, not all those in attendance tonight listened to this explanation, or chose to hear it...

3-13 ...Please do what you can to keep choice alive for my daughter.

3-13 go for it Harry
Close down East !
What a wonderful end to snobbery.

3-14 My answers to several questions from C

3-13 I feel strongly that the only practical way to achieve any kind of socio-economic balance in the high schools in the central and eastern part of Duluth is to revert to the situation which existed before the early 1950's when all of the students in central and eastern Duluth attended Central High School....

3-13 I have to confess that I often disagree with the stand you take on various issues, but I happen to agree with your thoughts on closing a high school in Duluth. I think that you will find several of the
faculty members here at East High agree with me on this

3-13 Beware the minority of the people making the majority of the noise. Respect the silent majority.

3-14 ...She had heard that East had between 200 - 400 students that are transfer in students. I was shocked. Here we are planning on changing our school boundaries to move, as the paper quoted, 300 students out of East who live within the East boundaries and we have all these transfer in students.... and My reply