Dear Mr. Welty, 
Thank you for the information contained in your e-mail. I visited your website also, read the e-mails from concerned persons, looked at your snow sculptures..(so you;re the one who lives at that corner - we go to Pilgrim Church... liked the cat) 

I have some more thoughts about the school closing situation. As I had written in my snail mail letter,

my daughter goes to Lowell because she can. That would be a choice that apparently would not be available to us any longer if the Magnet School programs are ended, as I understand. It seems an injustice to me that a minority child with motivated parents cannot drive their child to a better performing school. This is what will be the case for us. Many of the "Cake Eaters" from the east are saying they will home school, one of the e-mails you had posted said 150 would. I don't have that option, as I work full time.

Private school isn't an option either. I have thought of Edison, but I really don't believe in taking public school money and handing it over to an out of state entity, I also don't know about their performance. I
have also thought about bringing her to Cloquet, since the schools there are not stratified as they are in Duluth. I hope that I would be able to keep our daughter in Duluth Public Schools.

Please do what you can to keep choice alive for my