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3-19 ...There is, however, a philosophical basis for urging extreme caution when a plan would promote symmetry as a greater value than a family's desire to keep school and community one....

3-19 My reply to this email: "I would prefer that administrative levels experience cuts before teacher/programs. Downsizing is the name of the game in business these days - From what I have heard there is a lot of fat that can be cut"...

3-19 K was upset that I told her that some things could not be researched because they were unknowns. She sent me this email and I sent her this reply

3-19 I had to leave the meeting last night prior to its wrap up but I read the paper today to discover for the first time that the reserves aren't actually that, that the millions is already allocated for the severance pay for the retiring teachers.

3-20-2001 Some explanation - C wrote me after last night's meeting and took me to task for asking mean questions. I wrote back and explained that I took on that role because none of our administrators  was offering any ideas about how to deal with the 4.8 million deficit.

3-21 As I have mentioned to you before, I think 2 high schools is the direction Duluth should go. We probably should have gone that direction 10 years ago when 9th graders were moved into Duluth High Schools. There are many veteran teachers here at East who argue that many aspects
of high school life have been on the decline since the arrival of 9th graders.

3-21 What I am advocating is a fiscal plan that allows for maintaining the current enrollment of freshmen for all high schools through their senior year.

3-21 Regarding Grant School: District 6 has the following:

-- the largest population of any Planning District.
-- more than double the people-per-acre of any other district.
-- more housing units than any other district.
-- more than double the housing units-per-acre than any other district
-- the smallest amount of land...
-- In addition, female head of households (32.1%) are substantially higher than the City rate of 17.9, and the median income is 20% below the City average

3-21 Mr. Welty - I thought that the population of Duluth, when it mobilized thousands of volunteers and protestors, made itself clear the LAST time a two high school system was proposed??? My Reply

3-21 You folks must like late meetings and considerable abuse and Harry's new proposal if he means closing Duluth East will sure bring the wrath of the east end down upon you all, especially at election time. The sad truth is that Harry, as crazy as he may seem may prove to be right.

3-21 I admire the courageous vote to study the possibility of closing a high school. 

3-21 I don't necessarily believe the responsibility for this dilemma lies solely in the state's school finance scheme. and my reply

3-21 Dear Mr. Welty, The following are three suggestions for long range planning.

3-22 Congratulations and kudos to those members of the board with the courage and foresight to insist that the administration, board and public consider and debate a 2 High School model for Duluth Public Schools.

3-22 Please allow me to briefly speak for the East Music Dept

3-22 Teachers have not been asked by CAB where cuts should be made. There is the feeling by many teachers that CAB does not care to know what teachers think. and my reply

3-25 I am writing to urge you to vote "No" to the proposed six period day for secondary students. and my reply