Morning Bob, (Bob Mars)

I had to leave the meeting last night prior to its wrap up but I read the paper today to discover for the first time that the reserves aren't actually that, that the millions is already allocated for the severance pay for the retiring teachers. This is the first time I have heard this and I think it
is good to get this out in the open. I would be interested in knowing what the actual severance pay is for each teacher, $32 million is a lot of severance pay and maybe these are some of the administration/support cuts that should be addressed.

Laura stated that the district was in pretty good shape, this obviously must not be the case, if we owe $32 million and have $13 million, we are running short and have no reserves.

Clarification on this issue would be appreciated and please pass this on to the board members that do not have email addresses.

Thanks   J

My email to J

Hi J,

This is the second time that Kate Bramson has quoted Bob in the Tribune and explained this issue. Its just that there has been so much going on that people haven't noticed. I'm delighted Bob has helped get this out to the public Too many people think we are swimming in money. It ain't true.

Harry Welty