Mr. Welty,

Thanks for the info. For whatever reason the link you provided in your email didn't work, but I did read the story in this morning's paper.

As I have mentioned to you before, I think 2 high schools is the direction Duluth should go. We probably should have gone that direction 10 years ago when 9th graders were moved into Duluth High Schools. There are many veteran teachers here at East who argue that many aspects
of high school life have been on the decline since the arrival of 9th graders.

School life, however, should not be the driving force in making determinations about grade configurations. As a 20 year veteran of teaching in the then Duluth junior highs prior to making a move to East in 1991 I recall all of the hype surrounding a "middle school" concept (as you recall this was the trend in the 1980's and 90's). Duluth has
spent time and money investing in that concept. Assuming that if we went to two high schools they would be configured 10-12, there should be some investigation as to whether or not the "middle school" concept is superior to what we previously had in 7-9 junior high schools. I would
hope that in an attempt to answer that question deference would be given to the opinions of those middle/junior high teachers who have worked under both scenarios.

I would also submit to you that, in my opinion, one of the strengths of our former junior high set up in Duluth was the energetic and popular co-curricular program that was in place. I served as Activities Director during my last few years at Woodland Jr. and I can tell you that largely due to a successful co-curricular program we had an active,
involved student population and professional staff. I would hope that if Duluth were to move away from the middle school concept and reestablish junior highs we would also reestablish co-curricular programs in them.