Thanks for your updates and insights on your webpage. I truly hope that the Board and Administration can withstand the onslaught of
negative criticisms of difficult board decisions.

Why east end parents are so protective of the East High School building is interesting. It is an old building with dark hallways and classrooms, is overcrowded, and has limited parking and no expansion possibilities. Could it be that East is just an extension of "the club" with no diversity welcome? The belief that school district boundaries affect property values is quite appalling. 

Your two high school plan does have merit in all of these areas. However, opportunities for many students would be limited and competition for the few spots in programs such as orchestras and
athletic teams would continue to go to those whose parents can buy or bully the opportunity. Please keep looking out for all of the children in the Duluth District. Please try to make opportunities and resources equal across the entire district.

I hope the meeting at Central has more thoughtful input. After reading the comments from the East meeting, I wouldn't publicly chose to air by views for fear of reprisal from the nay sayers. Please know that there are many silent, thoughtful people out here who think the changes