I'm not happy with your response, and I suspect that you probably aren't either. 

I know you want to be "fiscally responsible" but the planning committee needs to go back to the drawing board. 

Dealing with all of this must be a dreary task, and you are to be honored for your dedication as a member of the Duluth School Board. 
However, there are other ways to cut costs! Following the current proposal from the long range planning committee is NOT in the best short or long term interests of our local communities! 

I plan to write additional letters to our governor and other key decision-makers in the hope that if enough voters speak, someone will hear and respond.

Will that someone be you?

My Reply


I encourage you to raise your voice. I've heard you but my hands are tied. I cannot raise the money to avoid our problems. I cannot raise taxes. Its not a moral issue, its a legal issue. I am stuck making a wrenching decision. 

I assure you that to put our district into debt while we debate what to do would be like looking at a map for the best directions out of the neighborhood when the gas spill surrounding our car catches fire. Fortunately, some of us already have a pretty good idea what the neighborhood looks like so even though our decision will be hasty we can hopefully avoid being totally consumed by the flames. 

You obviously read my response to Howie Hanson. I have made a proposal which I think the community must consider - a two-high school plan. It would dramatically reduce the closings of our elementary schools. If you haven't looked at it on my web page I'd encourage you to do so.