Politician's Diary - April 2002

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Wednesday, 4-17-2000  LTNT Dear Political DiaryLTNT. (Long time no type) You are a luxury my friend. I've had such a pregnant month that there's been no time to fill you in. I should start with last night's fiasco. The School Board voted 5 to 4 to proceed with the boundaries and turn our back on a two high school proposal. The 500 petitioners in upper Woodland got no hearing. Half a dozen thanked me for my help in trying to sidetrack the plan. One fellow called this morning and told me it was my finest hour. Yeah, but I lost. 

Thursday, 4-18-2002  6000 - Dear Political Diary, I found Ms. Barta substituting in Mrs. Marsman's class this morning. She gave me an enthusiastic introduction to her second graders some of whom were in her last class of Kindergartners when she retired. I read Pig Pig Grows Up and Bootsy Barker Bites. I had a rapt audience and Ms. Barta fairly gushed over me when I was done. I'll bet she gushes over all the guest readers.

Friday, 4-19-2002  Campaign Finance Class - Dear Political Diary,  Its nice to wake up to positive news. The Trib highlighted the big jump in 8th grade basic skills test scores for Lincoln Middle School.  The basic skills tests are four years old now and the average scores for our whole district have climbed from well below the state average in reading to a little above it . The article will keep the Trib's reporter Ron Brochu in the School Board's good graces till the next emergency which, with our luck, will probably be tomorrow.

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