Monday, 4-8-2002

In the Clocktower

Dear Political Diary,

Daylight savings has really wiped me out. It just 19:30 and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I made my usual stop to check email before bed and found seven new messages from East High School students urging me to vote to save the seven period day. Ken has been busy.

I spent five hours this morning straightening out my Givemhellharry website. It was a terrible mess. I had to lie down for twenty minutes to straighten my back out again after working on it. Since I uploaded it a month ago only a few dozen people have visited it. Thank goodness!

A little after noon I headed over to East High school at Ken's invitation. He'd sent me a few emails last week after he heard about Frank and the DFT's proposal urging me to vote for it. While he was at it he invited me to hear a speaker today from the Foreign Policy think tank, Walter Mead. I got to the Little Theater and Karen Alworth introduced him. He was in town at the invitation of the Alworth Foundation. He shared some insights on the Middle East and China and told us that Yassir Arafat kissed him on the top of his head once.

Call to recruit candidates. Huntley has filed with Yvonne

Afterwards Ken and I went to his room and talked.

Reading up on committee agendas

Clock Tower