Friday, 4-19-2002

Campaign Finance Class

Dear Political Diary,

Its nice to wake up to positive news. The Trib highlighted the big jump in 8th grade basic skills test scores for Lincoln Middle School.  The basic skills tests are four years old now and the average scores for our whole district have climbed from well below the state average in reading to a little above it . The article will keep the Trib's reporter Ron Brochu in the School Board's good graces till the next emergency which, with our luck, will probably be tomorrow.

At One I went to a class in how to use the state's campaign finance software up at Lake Superior College. The software helps the state's Campaign Finance Practices Board monitor the fund raising and spending of legislative candidates. I downloaded it in 2000 for my Senate campaign I was too intimidated to use it. Rather than risk uploading faulty data to the State I just filled out all the finance forms by hand.

The paperwork is time consuming and since I'm a terrible record keeper and accountant its not surprising that I wasn't able to reconcile my blasted check register at the end of the campaign. Maybe this software can help me keep the data straight. I should find a real accountant to do my books but I hate asking people for favors so I'll just struggle along with it again this year.

I found out some good news. I figured that if I switched from a Senate race to a House race I'd end up forfeiting all the money I loaned myself two years ago. Evidently I can still reclaim it and pay myself back from this years House receipts. I'm only allowed to spend $27,000 on a house race but that doesn't count the $2,000 I owe myself from the year 2000 Senate race.  Of course, I still have the right to run for the new Senate District and which would entitle me to spend double the amount since a Senate District is twice as big as a House district. I have to give this some thought. I like Yvonne and I don't relish the thought of running against a widow. 

I have a few weeks to go before I make a decision and I might as well enjoy myself while keeping everybody nervous about my intentions.

After three hours I decided that the software was very promising. I can even use it along with the voter data from the Secretary of State's office.  Awesome! 

On my way out of LSC I saw the latest Reporter. I eagerly picked it up and saw that my mass murderer column was in full view. Will their be heck to pay? I kinda hope so.