Politician's Diary
- February 2002

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Saturday, Feb. 2, 2002 Citizens in Action  Dear Political Diary, I had promised Rosie Loeffler Kemp earlier in the week that I would show up at the "Citizens In Action" seminar this afternoon. Its an annual confab that the League of Woman Voters puts on with a dozen other organizations to train locals how to lobby elected officials. All the local elected officials are invited each year to mingle with its attendees at noon.

Monday, Feb 4, 2002 Duluth Days  Dear Political Diary,  Last night I watched the Super Bowl and hadn't bothered doing my paper work or packing for today's trip. I'd watched the game for its vaunted commercials but stayed tuned to the end for the game itself. I rooted for the Patriots since they were the underdogs. My brother is from St. Louis but his Rams had already won the big show a couple of times. Besides, being from Minnesota I identify all too easily with the teams which suffer the shame of being the second best in the world.

 Tuesday, Feb 5, 2002  Party Loyalty Dear Political Diary, I woke up early and teased my nephew Harry mercilessly while he ate his chocolate frosted sugar bombs. A tuft of his hair was poking skyward. I tugged at it and pretended to speak for it. Apparently it was stretching to reach the moon. The talking hair made him and his brother George giggle. And speaking of moons, the only thing funnier than my nephew's talking hair is seeing our former State Republican Chairman pull his pants down. More on that later...

  Wednesday, 2-6-2002  I Didn't Dare Leave Dear Political Diary, Tonight's citywide PTA meeting was held at Lester Park. I had told the new chair, Judy Seliga, that I'd have to depart early because of church choir practice but once the meeting got started I didn't dare leave.

Thursday, 2-7-2002  The Tribune Disagrees  Dear Political diary, Well the Trib wasn't listening to me when I gave my testimony  (sorry I don't have it yet) to the redistricting panel. I woke up to a well thought out editorial backing up the Democrat testimony. Oh well.

Friday, 2-8-2002  Paul Harvey's Ghost  Dear Political Diary, I read at the Edison Raleigh school this morning, again on a live television feed. Before I started the kids in my live audience asked me if I'd read at other schools, Lincoln and Kenwood, the year before because they remembered my Gorilla Slippers.

Monday, 2-2-2002  Julio's Triumph  Dear Political Diary, Norm Coleman flew to Duluth today to announce his campaign for the Senate.  I suppose I should have showed up since I'll be parading through the Republican precinct caucuses next month for my own campaign. I must let the faithful know I'm raring to go. A higher calling kept me sidelined. I had turn in a column for the Northland Reader today. It was done by lunch and emailed it to Bob Boone hoping that he was so desperate that he'd have to accept it. I suggested he call my column "Not Eudora."

Tuesday, 2-12-2002  A to Z Plan  Dear Political Diary,  About the last thing I expected today was disharmony on the School Board. The day started out routinely enough with an email from the Northland Reader. I was informed that they weren't satisfied with my inaugural column. It wasn't political enough. They were also unimpressed with my suggestion for a column name: "Not Eudora." When I made a case for it they suggested it was too obscure for their readers. At least they extended my deadline till next Monday. Fortunately there are no end of subjects available to me. I just hope I don't annoy all the local politicians with my observations the way I annoyed our new Chairman tonight. It could make me very unpopular.

Thursday, 2-14-2002  Teapot Tempest   Dear Political Diary, I read to three classes at the Lincoln School library this morning. I was in good form, perhaps a little too good. My animated style seemed to wind up quite a few of the K-2 kidlets on the floor at my feet. Or maybe it was my gorilla slippers. One little boy kept putting his fingers in my slippers' nostrils as I read. He kept taking his finger back out to squint at it in disgust. Fortunately, Pig Pig managed to get through his story without getting too distracted by the commotion. This is not the only finger pointing that's gotten my attention this week.

Friday, 2-15-2002  Border Ruffians  Dear Political Diary,   I'm a Kansan, a Jayhawker, by birth. I took Kansas history very seriously when I was a kid. I read all about the " border ruffians" from Missouri who crossed into Kansas to vote in the territorial elections for a proslavery constitution. It was the time of John Brown and bleeding Kansas. Now its Bleeding Woodland and I can't help but wonder if a new batch of border ruffians will raise cane.

Monday, 2-18-2002 Sour Milk    Dear Political Diary,  The Trib had a front page story about the finances of the Edison schools parent corporation. They have always puzzled people and some investors are more skittish than ever since Arthur Anderson and Enron.  People are wondering how our three local Edison schools will be affected if The Chris Whittle enterprise tanks. I don't anticipate any problems. Edison is a public school with public financing. That revenue will not dry up. Edison's former principal once told me she could get along just fine without the New York office overseeing them. 

Tuesday, 2-19-2002 Quiet Meeting - Big Trouble   Dear Political Diary,  Garry Krause had told me  something would be turning up in the Trib and sure enough there was a story about a potential buyer for the Central Administration Building. Garry is convinced, and I'm sure he's right, that none of our administrators want to leave Old Central. Its a landmark but its so massive that the voters are convinced it houses a vast bureaucracy. It makes it hard for us to pass our excess levies.

Wednesday 2-20-2002  Not Eudora

Thursday, 2-21-2002  Doing It Right or Doing it Write  Dear Political Diary, I'm afraid my web pages may take a while to get straightened out. I called my ISP (web provider) and told them my pages won't upload. After checking the service extensions (whatever they are) they said they were sending in their engineers to try to figure it out. In the mean time I've been trying to race to update recent diary entries.

  Friday, 2-22-2002  Reconciliation

Saturday, 2-23-2002 Why I Hate Hockey

Sunday, 2-24-2002  Bashing Krause  Dear Political Diary, I opened the Sunday Trib today before church and read their hysterical editorial  bashing Garry Krause for being a "rogue" school board member. Give me a break! Its been a while since any elected official got beat up so roundly. And Garry's offense? He brought us an offer to purchase Old Central. Yes, its a magnificent building but it has the unfortunate effect of suggesting to Duluth's taxpayers and voters that the District is a bottomless well of bureaucracy. I love the building but if selling it is what we have to do to pass a referendum, so be it.

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