Thursday, 2-7-2002

The Tribune Disagrees

Dear Political diary,

Well the Trib wasn't listening to me when I gave my testimony  (sorry I don't have it yet) to the redistricting panel. I woke up to a well thought out editorial backing up the Democrat testimony. Oh well.

Today I read about Pigs at Edison Kenwood. Four years ago when I first read there I pulled out Me First and it was a great success. I've been back every year since. Edison puts me in front of a camera in the library, sends me student representatives from each classroom and puts me out on a live feed to the whole school.

It took a few pages to get my live students engrossed in the story. One of my live audience members wanted to be on camera like the kids on the sidelines during state tournament interviews. Soon, however, Pinkerton's sandwitch worked her magic. I followed that up with Pig Pig Grows Up. What can I say? I was a hit. 

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