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School Board Campaign 1999

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Harry Welty ran for the State Legislature in 1976 and 78. He ran for the Duluth School Board in 89, 91 and 93. He ran for Congress in 92. He never won. By 1995 he had worn the voters resistance down. He got elected to the School Board.  Barely. The voters job was finally done.

Silly voters.  Its work is never done. Harry Welty's coming back for RE election.

bulletunderconstruct.GIF (299 bytes) Who won and Why OK OK.  this is all about the history and results of the 1999 Duluth School Board election already but for crying out loud! The election over now.  Who won and Why?
bulletunderconstruct.GIF (299 bytes) What's right about the Duluth Schools? This is a rough draft What did Harry have to do with it and why should you vote for him? This page is a top priority. It will be done by the end of September.
bulletSpecial Interest Questionnaires: So far the Teacher's Union and the Chamber of Commerce have sent out candidate surveys. As a public service Harry will be making his survey responses public. He has also invited all the other school board candidates to share their responses to these questionnaires on this page as well.

Having run for the School Board so many times Harry has an extensive record of campaign rhetoric. What did he say way back when? Has he lived up to his rhetoric? Open the following pages and see.

This little light of mine

bullet1989 Campaign Platform
bulletunderconstruct.GIF (299 bytes)1991 Campaign Platform
bulletunderconstruct.GIF (299 bytes)1993Campaign Platform
bulletunderconstruct.GIF (299 bytes)1995 Campaign Platform

And finally, for your amusement ...

bulletWho is Phil? Don't take this too page seriously. Harry prides himself on being last of a rare breed - whimsical politicians.