Harry was a little riled up and wrote a letter-to-the-editor today. 9-4-2003

I just read David-John Sorensenís Point of View column. After his careful analysis of the Duluth School District budget, this vice president of a local technology company and leader of the Chamber of Commerce has determined that the Duluth School District should only be spending 28 million dollars to educate its students not the extravagant 121 million dollars that we have budgeted for this year.

David calls on the Duluth School Board to spend $2,400 per student which is half of what the state of Mississippi spends on its own students. Mississippi is, of course, infamous for being in last place among the fifty states in just about everything.

Itís a pity David-John Sorenson didnít run for the School Board. His business acumen will be sorely missed.

There will be a primary election just five days after Mr. Sorensonís contribution to our School Board campaign. On the page opposite Mr. Sorensonís ďanalysisĒ I read your editorial calling on special interest groups to avoid last minute half truths, and distortions. Iím glad to see the Tribune following its own advice. Thatís civility for you.

Harry Welty
2nd District School Board
Duluth Public Schools

Harry is being a real hypocrite in this letter. He sent a column to the Northland Reader the day before, six days before the primary, in which he beat the stuffings out of Mike Akervik. Fortunately, Richard Thomas, the Reader's editor remonstrated with Harry and Harry pulled the offending criticism. Of course, in Harry's defense what Harry wrote about Mike Akervik was dead on.