What follows is what I first sent to the Northland Reader regarding Mike Akervik. Richard, the Reader's editor, reminded me that Mike would have no time to respond to my criticism before the primary. Richard was right so I softened, castrated really, my complaint. 


"Mike Akervik has been the Board’s chief swing voter. Loath to take any tough positions before this year’s election he has waffled on Mike Randolph, the seven period day, and the closing of Chester Park . This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Mike announced four years ago that he wouldn’t vote on the teacher’s contract, the single most important decision that the Board makes, because of a conflict of interest. As Chairman of the Board in 2002 Mike refused to sign the paperwork for the Grant School grant even after the Board gave him authority to do so. Because of the uncertainty about school closings he delayed until the eve of the Pawlenty Administration by which time it was too late and the East Hillside Collaborative lost $900,000."


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