Duluth School Board Campaign 2003

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I don't deserve to be reelected based on my campaign. I won't campaign. I will serve if elected but I don't expect to be reelected. I've offered a lot of opinions on the goings on in the school district in my Northland Reader columns over the past two months. In the two weeks leading up the the election there were some newspaper endorsements (I got none) and some comparisons of the candidates. I've again violated the copywrite laws to include them on my web page.

Oh yeah,  I lost three weeks ago. Nuff said.

Stalemate (a brief history of the Board and me and closing schools)

Harry was a little riled up and wrote a letter-to-the-editor today.

about an excess levy

Second thoughts about an excess levy

Answers to question from the Duluth News Tribune

for the Primary election

for the General election

Why do I think Central High School should become a Junior High (only if an excess levy fails)

Devastation if the levy fails I told the Trib I don't want to be on the board if the levy fails.

Evidence that student achievement has improved since I've  been on the Board (I've stopped copying stories from the Duluth News Tribune for the time being so I don't have a link to this at the moment.)

Email from my fans and critics

Mayor candidate Charlie Bell to the Rescue

Over Two years ago I proposed the "ZenithPlan" for two high schools, East and Denfeld. Its still looks good to me. Other Board members have ignored it but they haven't managed to form a majority to pass an alternative plan. That could change after this election.

Good things happening in the Duluth Schools

My page devoted to the Duluth Schools

Now the really important stuff (100% hockey related of course)

Click here to find out which School Board candidates are on the East Hockey slate 

One reason why I'm not on the East Hockey slate

Read the only news story which explains what the heck happened with the East Hockey Coach. You didn't read it in the Duluth News Tribune

For more than you can possibly want to know about the Mike Randolph controversy click here

Do you have an opinion about me for good or ill. Share it with the Duluth News Tribune. letters@duluthnews.com