School Board Member Profiles

In time I will write brief profiles of people in the District that I have some knowledge of and/or experience with. As yet I have only profiled school board members who served from 1998 to 2000. If and when I begin posting older correspondence and or historical observations about the District's recent history this may be a useful reference.   

For several years, when I kept losing elections for the school board, I began compiling anecdotes about the district for a book I tentatively called "Can of Worms."

About the current profiles: Although Pati Rolf wrote an insistent letter to the editor, in the heat of the 1999 campaign, pooh poohing the contention that the Duluth School Board was split 5 to 4 she was just plain wrong. That, at least, is my opinion. The current 2000-2002 school board does not seem to be drifting towards such a raw divide.

Here are those members and my thumbnail sketch and impression of them. Click their names in the column to the left.

(The pictures have been removed at the request of some board members)

The 5 "old" board members

George Tim Grover Mary GlassLeBlanc Harry Welty Mary Cameron


The 4 "New" board members

Dorothy Neumann Pati Rolf Laura Condon Eileen ZeitzHuddleson