How I'd briefly describe Harry Welty

Although the Budgeteer described me as "abrasive" in its endorsement this description is very wide of the mark. I am, however, stubborn and my many previous unsuccessful campaigns gives ample evidence of my persistence. But to what purpose?

I can't be understood without considering my failure to become a teacher. I was a middling student but was devoted to the idea of learning. After graduation I concluded that my extracurricular activities were by far the most important part of my high school education. I felt that a different kind of teaching was critical although I wasn't certain what that alternative should be.

Unfortunately, I never really figured how to achieve this alternative and failed three times as a teacher. My political campaigns became a local joke. When I was elected four years ago I looked upon my good fortune as a precious gift and determined to treat it that way. Everything I've done since has been the result of considerable care, even those things which have surprised onlookers.

I live by several simple ideas: From Jesus: "The truth shall set you free." "Be as wise as the serpents and as innocent as the doves." From philosophy: " The unexamined life is not worth living." "Those who do not know the past are condemned to repeat it." From my Mother: "It takes two people to have a fight." and "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." and Johnny Mercer: "You've got to accentuate the positive." I suspect that this collection of advice frees me from doing things traditionally. While I seem to surprise many people I have yet to surprise myself.

The one thing you can expect me to continue to do is to try to grant to more children the gift of a good education and to challenge every obstacle I see to achieving this end.