My Brief Impression of Tim Grover

I was shocked when Tim announced his plans to quit the board. I had been planning to work to reelect all the old board members and Bob Mars. When Tim quit I resigned myself to becoming a member of the minority.

Tim was the only other political junky on the Board beside me. We both enjoyed analyzing the implications behind the words and actions of the people we dealt with, election results, and party politics. We regularly talked before meetings to make predictions about what would happen and afterwards to discuss what really happened. Tim is one of the most idealistic elected office holders in Duluth I've met. Hes a fiscal conservative but a libertarian. He believed his word was his bond and he regularly chided me (always good naturedly) when he thought I was breaking a promise. 

Tim also cautioned me not to do a few of the things I did when I ran my plans past him, like writing to teachers during the contract negotiations. I listened to his advice but only occasionally followed it. When I would get my ears boxed for my efforts Tim would never tell me he told me so.

Tim could be irritable with people but he has a wonderful sense of humor. I would kid him about his shortcomings and he would kid me about mine. I will miss him on the Board.