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Coloring Snow

For colored snow sculptures its hard to imagine anyone beating this fellow from Norway: Colored snow sculptures and Kurt  from Michigan told me how he colors his ambitious sculptures. He uses Spray paint to outline them and then fills in the outlines with ceramic paint.

I usually keep my snow sculptures white and when I started I was worried my kids would come in after climbing on my sculptures looking like rainbows.  White is the only color they permit at the big international snow sculpting contests but every know and then even I succumb to painting.

When George Harrison died in 2002 I decided to do a snow tribute to honor him. A white  "yellow submarine" just didn't cut it. It had to be psychedelic! 

I had used a little food coloring in the past but to get results like those of the Norwegian I used acrylic paint. I have no idea what he uses. I diluted the paint with water into a slurry and used small paint brushes.

I avoided spray paint which is probably the preferred method of coloring snow sculptures at colleges around the US during their snow days. 

Here's what the yellow sub looked like:

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