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I was asked for a winter carnival to carve Duluth's "peace bell." Hmmmmm. I was a little at a loss. A bell is not exactly a very interesting shape.

In the 1950's Duluth returned an ancient Buddhist temple bell to the city of Ohara, Japan. The bell had been brought back to Duluth by officers of the Navy cruiser USS Duluth. It was liberated from a scrap yard where before it could be melted down for war materiál. 

In gratitude for its return the people of Ohara cast a replica of of the bell and sent it to Duluth where it has been placed in Enger Park. Duluth and Ohara are now sister cities.

I took photographs of the bell and quickly realized that to reproduce it in snow I would have to replicate its very fine carving. I flattened modeling clay against some old political lawn signs and carved the bell's designs into the clay. I took some sticky snow and carefully pressed it into the clay and pressed it against my house. Of course I had to carve the image backwards. The replica bell had Duluth's city seal embossed into it.

As you can see I had to carve the images backwards. 

As for the Japanese script. Since I figured no one could read Japanese I just found some Japanese on the internet and copied it into the bell. I have no idea what it says. Its probably an advertisement for saké.

The image in the lower right may be the symbol for Ohara. You can see it in the bell I created.

Here's the replica bell from one angle.

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