1989 News Tribune candidate's questionnaire

What was printed in 1989 How does this relate to what I've actually helped accomplish?
Harry Welty

Address: 2101 E. 4th St.

Birthdate: Dec. 10, 1950

Length of Duluth residency: 15 years Family status: Married, two children in public schools

Education: Bachelor of science degree in education, Mankato State University; Mankato High School graduate

1. Work experience: Homemaker; former social studies teacher and substitute teacher in Duluth public schools, former teacher in Proctor public schools, former insurance sales agent.

Community involvement: Thirteen years in Independent Republican party, unsuccessful candidate for the State Legislature in 1976 and 1978 campaign chairman, Running own campaign

What special expertise can you bring to the School Board?

Welty 2. I ask questions. I find answers. I'm not daunted by bureaucracy. I've taught poorly and learned to do better.





3. I think most teachers could be great teachers in the right environment.


. I think most students can excel in the right environment.



5. I'll work to create that environment. I'm a fiscal conservative, but I'll fight for public spending that is necessary.


What are the most important issues facing the School Board?

I've been fighting so hard to have a bond for a new Washington Junior High School that you might think that's my top priority. No way.

6. I'm worried about our kids., The issues are: 2.2 million cases of child abuse were filed in the U.S. in 1988; two-thirds of teenagers age 12 to 17 drink alcohol; in 1988 5.6 million children lived in homes without fathers; as many as 14 million children suffer from some mental disorder; a third of all children born today will live in poverty; the average television viewer watches 9,000 sexually suggestive scenes each year; a fourth of all babies born in Duluth in 1986 were illegitimate.






1. Ask my wife if I've been a good "homemaker." If she tells you I've been a good one she's being very diplomatic.




2. This has been absolutely true but there is an important qualification. I believe our administrators play critical roles in our system. I have never bullied them even when I disagreed with their methods. I've spent time with many of them while they were on the job so I could learn about their work.


3. I feel this way because of my own experience. Constant training and brainstorming with other faculty keep teachers fresh.

4. I have voted whenever possible to allow such environments to come into being. Birchwood's core knowledge School, Chester Park's lab school, The Edison Schools are such examples.

5. I've helped educate the public about educational costs. I held out as long as possible on a contract that the district couldn't afford. I also voted to "levy to the max" when it became obvious that not doing so would put the district further in debt. However, in so voting, I violated a promise not to levy to the max (a promise made in 1997). Perhaps this can be excused as "spending that is necessary."

6. kids and their well being are always the bottom line. I keep these statistics in mind every day. We can not afford to let such statistics excuse us from doing justice by and fully educating our children.