What did I tell the Press and What did I do

1989 Twin Ports People Questionnaire How does this relate to what I've actually helped accomplish?


(Candidate At-Large)

1. Give a brief biography of yourself

I was born in Kansas and my name is Harry. My Republican relatives were suspicious at my christening because Truman (a Democrat) was President. We moved to Minnesota when I was 13. Too many of my family members were teachers (and good ones at that). I blindly followed them into the profession. I moved to Duluth 15 years ago to try my hand at it, and try, and try, and try. Now I have children in school. I volunteer to tutor and read funny books in their classes.

2. What qualifies you to be a candidate for the Duluth School Board?

I am a resident of voting age. Beyond that, I have spent time teaching in every public junior and senior high in the city and some that have since been closed. I am an avid PTA parent. I'm not afraid to speak out in front of hostile crowds and I am a very friendly person. Kids like my snow dinosaurs.

3. What are the major issues facing the school district?

We must issue a bond for Washington Junior High this Fall and pass an excess levy referendum to make sure we can keep the old building open until a new one is built. Only then can we address the real problems like the lower academic achievement of students in western schools and making sure we avoid the chaos of future mass layoffs and call backs. I want teachers to take on more responsibility for running the schools. I want to keep better track of kids before they lose their way in school or before they lose their way in life.

4. What is your position on a possible bond issue referendum?

I strongly supported the original bond. Now I want a bond just for Washington Junior. Afterwards, I want a well researched bond issued for the elementary schools.

5. What is your philosophy with regard to local education?

I try to teach my kids at home with books, games and enthusiasm. When parents (and neighbors) are brought into their children's classes to help out that makes education as local as you could want. Oh, but you want to know about "neighborhood schools!" Look, I want to win! Do you think I would say anything about neighborhood school?




1. The biography is whimsical but true.






2. The answer speaks for itself





3. I was focused on Washington because I thought it was critical for the well-being of the most vulnerable children in Duluth. The east/west  divisions in Duluth pit neighbor against neighbor. I've tried to be fair to all of our community even though I finally got elected to the 2nd District rather than at-large. I have worked hard to keep our budget in balance and we have not had massive layoffs during my tenure on the Board.



4.This is moot now as we have fixed up and reconfigured our buildings since 1989. Our ten year maintenance plan has and is keeping our buildings in good condition.


5. The first half of this is still right on. The last half is in response to the 1989 issue of keeping our schools "neighborhood schools." Since then we've gone too far in the opposite direction to have purely neighborhood schools. To go back would the require the elimination of the magnet schools, Edison, Birchwood and goodness knows what else. Still, it is tempting to have more uniformity because then people couldn't complain about the differences between schools.