Democracy of Stupidity
The Devil's Friend



Not Eudora Again - after a five (not eight) year hiatus - but who's counting?
By Harry Welty

Columns published in Duluth's own Reader Weekly

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Color Commentary, published July 11, 2015 -

Robin Washington of the Duluth News Tribune called me in February to ask me about my latest snow sculpture.  An angry black motorist who had cruised past my house had just called him up at the Trib to ask about it. The driver suspected the elephant waving a confederate flag was intended as a dig...
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...illions, published July 18, 2015 -

I recently toured the Homestake Gold Mine in the Black Hills . “Home of the Diggers”reads the Lead Deadwood High School’s welcome sign.

The mine’s prodigious earnings helped launch the Spanish American War when George Hearst’s son and heir, William Randolph, bought up a slew of newspapers, and boosted circulation by demanding that America aid Cuban rebels who were fighting their Spanish oppressors. That led to the once sickly Teddy Roosevelt, turned cowboy, turned politician, raising up his famous Rough Riders and charging up San Juan Hill to within a heartbeat of the Presidency, then the stilled heartbeat, the building of the Panama Canal, a Nobel Peace Prize and a place among our American titans on Mount Rushmore. read the rest

The Democracy of Stupidity, Published Aug, 2, 2013

As I was mowing my lawn, which had grown shaggy during a vacation to the Black Hills, I heard the horn blasts that herald the Mexican anthem La Cucaracha ta da da daaaa daaaa - ta da da daaaa daaaa!

 “How passť,” I thought to myself as...  read the rest

First Lady of Duluth, Published Aug, 16, 2013

Recent events have prompted me reconsider a Not Eudora column I wrote back on May 27, 2004. The part I have in mind concerned, Laura Ness, our Mayor’s wife. One week into their new marriage Laura Ness filed as a candidate for the St. Louis County Board. I took some umbrage to this .  read the rest.

The Devil’s Friend,

To be published Aug. 30, 2013

Reason’s syphilitic step-uncle was busy. Rationalization had been summoned once again by his master to enter the ears of weak-minded men.

The first was a youth who listened intently to Rationalization’s slippery thinking:... Not yet published