Let Duluth Vote's
Legal Defense Fund

Minnesota Campaign Laws do not permit Let Duluth Vote to endorse candidates for public office. They do permit LDV to point out how candidates stand on the issues. Also, should any candidate be penalized for using campaign funds in a non prescribed way there is nothing in the law to prevent LDV from helping the candidates pay any fines that might result.

The maximum fine that could be levied against any candidate by the state is $5,000. There are four candidates who could be fined.

Those people who support the Voting Right's Party's platform but who have already contributed $50 to other Minnesota political candidates and who can no longer receive any additional reimbursement from the state are encouraged to contribute to this fund to shield these candidates from possible fines.

And, for residents outside of Minnesota who can not claim reimbursement for donating to a Minnesota legislative candidate are also encouraged to contribute to the Defense Fund instead of individual candidates.

To whom and how should you contribute?

You can contribute to all the candidates.
You can contribute up to $300 per candidate.
We are recommending donating to candidates in this order.

Contribute first to candidates in either 7A or 7B

If these candidates reach the $31,400 spending ceiling contribute to the candidates for Districts 6A and 6B
Contribute next to

Any money contributed directly to Let Duluth Vote will be used to defend candidates who support the voting rights of Duluth School District voters or to help pay for ongoing legal expenses. If once voting rights are restored there are excess funds they will be contributed to the Duluth School District.