Minnesota robbed Duluth of its right to vote.

Harry Welty will restore your right to vote so that Duluth not St. Paul decides
whether the Red Plan and its unprecedented $400 million in taxes will stand.

To do this Harry will challenge Rep. Tom Huntley, (who supported the theft of our taxes and voting rights) in the DFL primary.
Harry's campaign fund will pay for legal challenges against the Red Plan to put it on hold until a new school board can be elected next year.

Harry will raise state money for his legal challenge with the help of interest free loans. This is how they work. Any Minnesotan who contributes $50 to a legislative candidate who abides by campaign spending limitations will be fully reimbursed by the state at the end of the campaign. Harry needs $20,000 to challenge the Red Plan in court.

400 donors contributing $50 will raise this.

This may be challenged as an improper campaign expenditure. The fine is $5,000. Harry is willing to pay this fine to raise $20,000. Call it a loophole. Poetic justice. Last year a critic of Harry's who is in favor of the Red Plan wagged his finger at Harry when he called the laws which deprive Duluth of the right to vote a loophole. He told harry that another name for a "loophole" is the law.

Well, two can play at that game. We need 400 people to make contributions. Only Harry may be found in violation of the law although Harry will strongly explain that the legal challenge is the best way to campaign and therefore an entirely appropriate expenditure.


The State of Minnesota has denied a vote on the Red Plan to the voters of Duluth. We will have no say about our taxes for the single biggest school building plan in state history. By 2011 the Red Plan taxes will nearly double again unless the people of Duluth intervene.

I will make the state pay for this by using state tax dollars to pay for litigation to put an end to the Red Plan.

A critic of mine dismissed my charge that the laws that permit this monstrosity are a "loophole" by claiming that another word for a loophole is the law. Tell that to an innocent man on death row.

I will take advantage of a loophole to make the state pay for our litigation against the Red Plan. I'm asking angry voters to make a $50 interest free loan to my campaign to challenge Tom Huntley in the DFL primary election. I will use this money to pay for a legal team to challenge the Red Plan

There are three possible grounds for our challenge.

    A. The dubious power given to Johnson Controls Inc. by the School Board.
    B. The sidestepping of environmental laws in the construction of the plan.
    C. The violation of integration laws as Duluth magnets schools are shut down and Duluth District  isdivided into two unequal halves.

Smiling broadly as voters of Duluth are deprived of a right to vote on the biggest dumbest boondoggle in Minnesota History.