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Favorite Tools & Techniques

Snow Scoops
Snow Scoop - 

This is my principal tool. I move snow from my back yard to my front yard. I can spend hours doing this to build up my snow pile. If you do it right you should be able to avoid pressure on the back like you would suffer when bending over and lifting a heavy shovelful of snow. The trick is to build a ramp and push the snow over the edge.







Crooked Shovel 

This shovel with a bent handle is intended to lessen pressure on the back. I find them especially good for throwing snow further although the farther you throw snow the more stress you put on your back.

Metal Shovel

Not a shovel for the garden but a snow shovel with a wide straight edge. I find this the most helpful in large scale shaping

Scoop Shovel

I like the scoop because it is deep and I can take a healthy shovel full of sticky snow and pack and build up snow quickly where I need to add more.

tuck pointing tools 

This is called a margin trowel. I like this tool a lot.

Industrial Strength Spoons 

not serving spoons or soup spoons. Snow sculpting is a good way to destroy an entire set of spoons.

Snow Sand Paper 

Actually cross hatched metal fencing is supposed to make good sand paper. 


The most versatile tools available. They get cold and awkward quickly if not protected by good gloves. 


Having many pair of gloves is a good idea. Set them on something warm to dry to keep them in good shape. Heavy choppers are a good idea although without separate fingers you lose some fine motor movement.

But these are the absolute best  Joka Polar Gloves 

They are water proof and can be used to  sand the snow. They have cloth inserts.



To hold water in case you use water to make the snow sticky. (Look at my hints on "cooking" the snow.)


This is a must for me. It helps create a good artistic aura. I have a brim hat which sadly while cool is not particularly warm. 

And this looks fun. Its called a snoWurl and its for stacking snow when its not hot and sticky. I've never tried it but it looks like it should work. www.SnoWurl.com 

I recently made this snow sandpaper tool. I strung wire mesh between wood blocks. I haven't used it enough to know how helpful it will be. It does help prevent whole ice chunks from popping out of a snow matrix when you cut snow with a shovel.

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