Application Form

Name of your firm?_______________________ 

Which legal avenue or avenues strike you as the most likely to delay the implementation of the Red Plan or win a suit in a timely enough fashion to force it to go to a referendum? And how is your firm especially qualified by temperament or experience to pursue this work?

Explain your anticipated reimbursement for this work leading up to a possible court delay of the project and or through a final legal settlement and give us a sense of the likely timing of your most costly work on our behalf so we can plan our fund raising accordingly.

This is the timeline of the School District that we are fighting: This may help you in anticipating the legal battle ahead.

Summer 2008 Too late to stop - $10 million in spending on construction for 2  elementary schools and a transportation center.

Fall 2008 an operational levy which will certainly fail leading to widespread public dissatisfaction as the School Board makes millions in classroom budget cuts.

Winter 2008-09 The School Boardís possible authorization of an additional $90 million in bonding to complete the Red Plan. Originally these bonds were to be levied in 2011 but the threat of a change in the make up of the School Board in Jan 2010- after the Fall 2009 school board elections seems to be driving a speed up in the bonding process. This will further aggravate the public guaranteeing a new school board.

The work you do for us must take this timeline into consideration. We need delays until we can elect a new school board but if we canít elect a new school board our legal case may need to continue. (But frankly, the public is on our side and a delay may be sufficient so long as it lasts long enough to prevent the Red Plan from proceeding until the new Board is seated in Jan 2010.

Fill out this application form copy it and email it to Harry Welty via email to harrywelty@charter.net or print it and mail it via postal service to: Harry Welty, 2101 E 4th St. , Duluth MN 55812 by August 31, 2008 .

We will contact our top applicants by phone for an initial short interview and then conduct a longer interview in your offices or at any reasonable locale of your choosing.