Politician's Diary - July 2002

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Wednesday, July 24, 2002 Blueberries and Ladybugs  Dear Political Diary,  Darlin sent me an email chastising me for not keeping up with my diary. I wrote back and whined that she was the only person who read it. That's not strictly true. The other day I checked hits for the month so far and saw that there were something like 350 hits on the diary. Who reads it? Darned if I know. Except for Darlin they never comment...

Thursday, 7-25-2001  Getting the Show on the Road  Dear Political Diary, The piles of paperwork are still on the floor of my office. I still haven't gotten around to diving into them but I did something else which put me in a very good humor. I put a page on my campaign website this morning that I meant to put together two years ago for the Senate campaign. Its now done and I have no doubt that it will be a great boon for our local newspapers.

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