Politician's Diary - December 2002

The first paragraph of each day's entry follows the dated link to the full text.

Please accept my apologies. I'm not sure if I've got the desire to keep this up to date. 


Note, the men working icon indicates that I have put an outline or rough draft of an entry into the site. 


Good Advice  Saturday, 12, 20, 2002  "Dear Political Diary, I got a call today warning me that my Budgeteer column had drawn return fire..."

Two Emails.  Dec 16, 2002   "Dear Political Diary,  This is a story told in two November emails. The first email is from former school board member Eileen Zeitz Hudelson. Eileen's email was sent to a number of members of the Duluth League of Women's Voters..."

Accepting a Million December, 17, 2002   "Dear Political Diary,   If someone offered you a cool million to help out a hardscrabble neighborhood would you turn it down? It seems like there could only be one obvious answer but until tonight the School Board hasn't been very obvious..."