Sell the Oil

Dear Political Diary,

For the most part I sat back this weekend and enjoyed the cars slowing down out front while their drivers took a good look at my yellow submarine. Its been remarkably warm however so the dye in the snow will probably put a quick end to my sculpture since the color will absorb the sun's heat so readily. Our school budget will be absorbing a little heat too this December.

I got the weekly school board packet Saturday but haven't opened it yet. I also got a copy of the East High School newspaper from Jenny the reporter who interviewed me about the upcoming school budget. The paper highlighted my quote "I almost think we need to issue executioner's hoods to all the school board member." It was not a cheery story.

I had already referred to the budget axe once before at our November school board meeting. Laura Condon decried my use of metaphor. I wonder if she excises vivid figures of speech from the literature she has her students read?

Not surprisingly, but to my chagrin, three students were quoted who took issue with the grim reality facing us. They were predictable statements suggesting that the school board was being unreasonable. One student, schooled no doubt by a clueless teacher, suggested that we just spend our ten million dollar reserve to keep the seven hour day.

Its a challenge trying to think of a way to explain the reserve so that people will understand its use. Here's another metaphor. If you're car runs out of gas you could drain the oil out of the engine and trade it for more gas to keep the car running. Of course, you wouldn't get far. Spending down our reserve would burn up our engine just as surely.