Four unbossed, unbought

To the Budgeteer:

When a community finds a public servant who is bright, honest, dedicated and unbeholden to powerful special interests, it is blessed. This can be said of four veteran Duluth School Board members; Harry Welty, Bob Mars, Mary Glass LeBlanc and Mary Cameron, who face defeat because they have put the children and taxpayers of Duluth above the greed of public employees and the power of labor czar Al Netland.

We believe this applies especially to Harry Welty, who unselfishly surrendered the coveted position of board chair because he thought such a sacrifice might help head off a ruinous strike.

These fine men and women know that our public schools work well, contrary to the allegations of alarmists, but that they can do better and surely do it less expensively to the taxpayers. This is why they committed to a short-term trial for the Edison project, to carefully weigh results before extending or ending Edison.

Two years ago, we elected a slate of four AFSCME-DFT candidates who pledged up front to kill Edison, regardless of its possible successes. Our kids deserve better. Our civic self-respect deserves better. Join us in November in voting for four fine unbought, unbossed, uncompromised citizens for Duluth School Board.

Roger Fischer