Dear Political Diary,

Its amazing how little I managed to get done today. The Christmas tree I put in my son's room last night while he was out he put back out into the hallway. He hadn't asked for me to put it in his room and he evidently didn't see the humor I had in its sudden appearance in his space. Everything was a little like that today.

I blame it on George Harrison who had the gall to die early this morning miring me and millions of others in nostalgia. I knew immediately what I had to do with the snow. I ordinarily shun yellow snow but I thought a good dye job might be in order today. Trouble was I never got around to it. 

I managed to do none of the things I'd set out to do. I did work on the web page all morning. Editing the second episode of the diary was a big part of it and putting in links and uploading it all to the web. I made an afternoon coffee date with some friends at the Chamber to debrief them about the election and reaffirm my interest in a legislative race. 

I told them I'd be happy to offer my opinion of the effectiveness of some of their television ads but did not encourage them to ask my opinion. I did tell them that I accepted the fact that the Chamber and its PAC were separate entities but laughed that Duluth was a small town. They didn't disagree. I assured them that I planned to keep my chamber membership and they told me their aggressive tactics had actually led some businesses to become members. But how did they net I wondered. Some of my friends will no doubt blanch to see me cozying up to the Chamber. Of course, some of them have also counseled me to be a more pragmatic politician. Can't have it both ways. 

I returned home and was contemplating the snow when I got an instant message from my daughter. She was bummed out big time (personal travails) I ended up talking with her off an on for over two hours. I was glad I could be there for her and offer her lots of tongue and cheek. I got her giggle a little too I think.

That was my day. Web work. A cup of coffee and a little hand holding. My son still hasn't come home from school. That'll teach me not to sneak a tree into my children's room ever again. Thank God Friday's Over.