Dear Political Diary,

Its been a holiday from the school board. There was the op ed piece from an elementary teacher with the teacher's point of view. She made some unsurprising suggestions which would barely scratch the surface of our fiscal problems. I just sent in my own op ed piece so I can't reply to her except here on my web page. I don't think I'll bother.

Still, considering all the front page stories about our budget problems its been quiet. I have received a few letters over the past month. Most are from civics students assigned to write me for their classes. I've also received a few emails. I read one tonight after coming home from the Twin Cities that I had to respond to in order to get some sleep. 

Claudia took the day to travel to the Twin Cities to see our daughter. Claudia needed to find some materials for her adult Sunday school class and so we picked up our daughter and went shopping at the Luther Seminary book store. 

We hit another book store then hung out at her apartment and met her cat (her roommate's really) and ferret. The cat looks like Adolph Hitler and plays fetch like a dog. Its remarkable. Its not just the mustache, lots of cats have those, its the black patch over her eyes that looks just like the Fuhrer's famous bangs. And the fetching was remarkable. I must have thrown her fuzzy ball forty times and she always ran after it and brought it back and laid it at my feet. 

We took Keely and her beau out to dinner and then headed home. That's when I found the email. No big deal. Its been a good holiday.