from the desk of. ..
Jane Roe
Plaintiff. Roe v. Wade

Dear Friend,

It was the scariest night of my life.

Because that final shotgun blast would have killed me instantly.

It blew apart my sofa -- ripping it into shreds.

My home was destroyed. But I was alive.

The police came instantly.

They had been to my house before, but never like this.

Fearing my life was at risk, I called the FBI. And they quickly whisked me away.

You see, everyone knew who I was -- Jane Roe -- the woman responsible for legalized abortion in America.

That's why they came for me that night.

Back then, I believed abortion was a woman's right to "choose."

And, I was a fool.

But things have changed. And have they indeed...

Today, I oppose abortion. Because abortion is a lie.

It always was.

I know, because I told the lie that got it all started.

It continues on for another 7 pages. The rest is pretty predictable. The underlining is Norma's.