Snow at Last!

Dear Political Diary,

After three full days of consulting web techies and cleaning up my web page I finally got to upload to a new server. Its been almost two weeks since I wrote a diary entry and three weeks since I could make any changes at all to my website. Snowbizz at last, and on the first day of our brown winter to have a real snowfall, so much in fact, that school was called off. Snow at last!

I got up early and shoveled the back walk and driveway for Claudia. I began piling the snow up for a sculpture. What it will be I have no idea. After she left I came in to work on the web page. Finally at 4:00 I was ready to upload the page to my new server. Even though I stripped the site down to less than 40 percent its recent size I knew it would take a long time to upload. Once its loaded it may take days to reestablish broken links. I'm not looking forward it.

I'm so spacey from staring at the computer that I don't want to try writing any more. I finished another chapter in my libraries of the ancient world and tomorrow I'll either pile up snow in front with the next nine inches we're supposed to get or I'll try to catch up on some of the missing diary entries for the past couple weeks. 

Good night.