Tuesday, 3-12-2002


Dear Political Diary,

I was scheduled to give blood early this morning but my son got home so late I was afraid he'd sleep through his alarm unless I was home to wake him up. I hate donating blood so this would be great except that I'm too conscientious for my own good. I made an appointment for next week later in the morning. That's a problem because it means I'll have several hours to stew about it before I go. I hope I don't chicken out.

I spent part of the morning catching up by writing yesterday's diary entry. Even a day causes me to forget things so I have no idea what I'll remember going back for the last couple weeks. It will probably be pretty threadbare except for links to new stories. That's too bad because it was busy with the precinct caucuses and late night board meetings.

For two hours I shoveled snow. The mound I built up a couple days ago needed to grow so I hauled it from the back yard to the front. While I was working I got an inspiration. I hope it works out.

At 1 I headed over to Grant school to read with my reading partner Tony. We had a nice long talk about the merits of Grant girls with Nettleton girls. If Tony keep some of his opinions to himself he'll do OK.

When I got back I had an hour to haul more snow. It was getting very hot and I was able to work without my jacket. I was scheduled to go over to Washington Center to talk through the agenda for our Thursday meeting. I agreed to take over from Joanne Fay for a day because she was out of town.

I saved myself half an hour and used it to haul more snow until I had to leave for the Committee of the Whole meeting.

Itw as long. nit picky fight over CAB.